Need Your Shed Moved?
Across the yard? Across town? Across the state?
Suggestions for the "do it yourself" mover:

In a single word " -Don't-" We have years of experience and special heavy duty equipment that was custom built for moving sheds. Most sheds weigh move than people expect. If your move includes a trailer, it is very easy to damage the fenders of a rental (or worse, your neighbor's or friends) trailer. Most rental yards only rent "car trailers" or other "equipment" trailers that don't have flat floors. The higher (in the air) you need to load the shed , the more dangerous (and harder) it becomes.

If your plan for moving the shed includes getting several of your friends together and "picking up the shed", I suggest that it won't work! In 15 years of moving sheds, I have never seen this idea work. Sheds are basically a plywood box and you can't distribute the weight correctly. The chance of getting injured is very high. Make sure your homeowners insurance includes a workers compensation clause. Plan on bending and or breaking some of the equipment you will need (Pry bars, Jacks etc.)

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